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We deliver Smart Home Technology -Made in Germany.

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Despite our high standard of living, we face ever greater challenges:
  1. The daily burdens are getting higher and higher and we have less and less time for ourselves and our family.
  2. Energy costs are constantly increasing and burdening our household budget more and more.
  3. The sense of security at home is decreasing as the number of burglaries continues to increase.
  4. In age, we need support to live self-determined and age-appropriate in our own home.
We offer you a solution that will help you significantly improve your quality of life and living, reduce your energy costs and give you more security.
Our smart home systems are easy to retrofit and offer you an excellent price-performance ratio.

About us

We accompany you from planning to configuration and installation to commissioning. Even after that we are at your disposal for service and maintenance any time.
Using a modular system, our technicians design an individual, customized smart home solution for you. We are always orientated by the latest technologies and research results in product development and are constantly expanding our product range to provide you with the best for your higher quality of life and living.

Our philosophy

The future of living is smart and we actively create this future.
Your higher quality of life and living, your better safety and the reduction of your energy costs are our focus.
You will receive according to your wishes, a completely installed and fully functional system that will help you to make your life more comfortable and what is easy to use.
Your Smart Home solution offers functions and processes that, once installed, are as natural as breathing and will be indispensable for your daily life.
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