– protects your property and your family

The networked safety technology is state of the art because it combines modern technology components with alarm messages and further actions on request.

This professional security concept protects your property and your family-security at an attractive price-performance ratio.

Alarm system
Smoke detector
Shock lighting
Presence simulation
Water detectors
Alarm button
Camera controlling

and monitor your alarm system and cameras via smartphone and

Let send alerts

to yourself and to your family via email.


yourself and your family against smoke and fire.

Home Comfort C-line

The Home Comfort Control C-line is the heart of your Smart Home system. In
your home, it is the communication hub of the system.

Control by touch only a new, intelligent technology - according to your wishes
and needs.

Alarm sytem

The Home Comfort concept begins with prevention and deterrence. 

Visible security components

such as cameras and headlights deter most burglars in advance.

Window and door sensors or motion detectors

send signals to the controller in case of a burglary.

The alarm

with the light and sound signals chases away burglars. Upon request, sensor messages are sent by email to several e-mail addresses and installed cameras send pictures.

Shock lighting

Shock potential burglars early with shock lighting. In addition, you can combine
the shock lighting with automatic closing of the shutters and raise a loud alarm.

Presence simulation

An apparently abandoned house is an invitation for burglars. Let your house
always appear inhabited and protect yourself against burglaries.
An apparently abandoned house is an invitation for burglars.
Let your house always appear inhabited and protect yourself against burglaries.
Turn on light irregularly, close and ope the shutters at different times - your home will never be inviting to burglaries.

Alarm button

If you hear alarming sounds at home during the night, the button is the fastest
alarm response!
A push on this mobile push button and all the lights go on and the shutters are
raised. A clear signal for burglars to escape now.
Easily send a 'silent alarm' to your relatives or neighbors by e-mail with the alarm button.

Camera controlling

From anywhere in the world

you can always find out what's happening at home and - if necessary - respond immediately. The image data can be saved, sent as an alarm or retrieved later.

Home Comfort offers indoor and outdoor cameras.

With the integrated motion detector, the cameras automatically record every movement - thanks to infrared technology even in the darkness.

Water detectors

Protect your property against unforeseen water damage by defective washing
machines, dishwashers or not working water overflow protection in the basement.
Also in this csse can be send a information to you and your family members.

Smoke detector

Different devices in all rooms, such as lighting and shutters, can be linked to the
smoke detectors. In addition, notifications can be sent by e-mail as soon as
smoke is detected. So you can also act quickly on the way.

In household fires are the greatest dangers smoke and fumes that you inhale
unconsciously during your sleep - which is why smoke detectors are legally
required in Germany.

Have your smoke detectors serviced, tested and certified to be in perfect
condition. So you can prove to your insurance that the detectors were working
properly in case of damage.


See who is ringing, talking to the visitor, opening the door

- from home on display or on the way via app on your smartphone. So you can easily leave the neighbor or a craftsman in your property if you are not (yet) at home or dismiss unwanted guests.

Due to the modern design

adaptations to your individual requirements and functional enhancements are possible. The video door intercoms are also available with numeric code lock, transponder reader and fingerprint recognition.

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