Smart Home – consciously saving energy

With the intelligent control of light, electrical appliances and heating you can save up to 30% energy costs.

Light and household appliances
Interior climate
Garden and Pool

Light and household appliances are controlled to optimize your energy consumption.

The intelligent heatingand roller shutter control not only ensures a comfortable room climate, but also reduces your heating costs.
Electrical appliances are switched off automatically when you leave the house.
The room temperature is optimized with thermostats and sun protection.
The radiators are driven down when the window is open.

Home Comfort C-line

The Home Comfort Control C-line is the heart of your Smart Home system.In your home, it is thecommunication hub of the system. Control by touch only a new, intelligent technology -according to your wishes and needs.
With a weather station and a soil moisture meter, the Smart Home Systemcan optimally control the irrigation of your garden

when humidity level is low and there is no rain.

You don`t have to be worry about anythingand save water and money.
Control the pool heating so that you always find the optimum temperature. Or let thelight in the pool switch on automatically at dusk.

Garden and Pool

Enjoy your green oasis even more relaxed.

Light and household appliances

Automaticallyor with movement detectorsturn on and offelectrical appliances and light to reduce your energy consumption. Automatically turn off electrical loads when you leave home avoiding standby power consumption.

Indoor climate

With room thermostats, you automatically control your indoor climate and optimize your consumption of heating energy so that you save up to 30% on heating costs.
The safety contacts automatically detect whether the windows are tilted or open and regulate the heating immediately -individually in each room.

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