Smart Home

–More quality of life at home in age.
The intelligent mix of technology that makes age-friendly living easier and self-determined life can be designed so that the personal safety is always guaranteed in the best possible way withoutoverburdening the household budget.

Night light

Senior emergency


Visual Doorbell

Interior blinds

3D-fall detection

Indoor climate

Self-determined and age-appropriate living in one'sown home and getting help when needed is the ideal idea for most people.


received by emergency notification of relatives or neighbors via remote contro

Fall detection

with SOS emergency call.

Automatic night light function

won't leave you alone in the dark.

Home Comfort C-line

The Home Comfort Control C-line is the heart of your Smart Home system. In your home, it is thecommunication hub of the system.Control by touch only a new, intelligent technology -according to your wishes and needs.


Did I really switch off the coffee machine?

Using your Smart Home app, you can easily see if your home appliances are turned off. If not -just turn it off with the app.

Check with your Smart Home app on the go if your windows and doors are really closed.

Senior emergency

With an automatic push-button message from the Smart Home app, you can let your family or neighbors know if you need quick assistance.You can mount the button next to the bed or the stairs or take it with you wherever you are.

Indoor climate

The combination of intelligent heating control, weather station and roller shutter control allows you to design a room climate according to your wishes, at any time and for each room individually.
This increases living comfort and well-being.

The safety contacts automatically detect if the windows are tilted or open and regulate the heating immediately. Thermostats ensure that every room has exactly the temperature you want.The roller shutter control ensures that your apartment does not heat up in strong sunlight.

Night light

Looking for the light switch at night-do you know that too?
The night light control detects movement and automatically turns on the light from the corridor to the bathroom. Never again you will fall at night while searching for the next light switch.

Interior blinds

As a single or double roller blind in a decorative design, electric interior blinds ensure a pleasant living atmosphere. They are visual elegant and sun protection in same time.

The battery version does not require a power connection. Operation is easy via remote control. Alternatively, control via the smart home system is alsopossible.

3D-fall detection

Even in age everyone wants to live independently in their own home. But unfortunately there are also dangers that in age can lead to fall.
With 3D fall detection, falls are automatically detected by a sensor and an emergency call is automatically sent to up to three predefined phone numbers-security and help when you need them.

Visual doorbell

At home on the display

or on the way via app on your smartphone -you'll always see who's ringing at your door.

Connect signallights

or additional audible alarms inside your home with your doorbell and don`t miss any more guests

Connect your doorbell with a video intercom

and see who is ringing. You can talk to the visitor and comfortably open the door.

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